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Lesbian Parents

At West Coast Women's Reproductive Center, we believe that everyone who wants to have a family has the right to. We fully support lesbian parents and couples and feel it is essential to find the right individual solution for each woman.

There are several different options for Lesbian parents to have a child together. These include help from a known or anonymous sperm donor with IUI or what many refer to as “artificial insemination.” This process is simple and can be done during a natural cycle. For older women with lower fecundity rates, fertility drugs might be recommended at the outset to improve their odds of conception.

Another option for lesbian couples is shared or co-IVF. This is the process where one woman chooses to take injectable medications to produce the eggs and the other woman chooses to be the gestational parent by using her uterus for the pregnancy.

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No matter what your circumstances or your preferences, the West Coast Women's Reproductive Center will provides you with a personal treatment plan that will meet your needs and fit into your personal lifestyle.

Your personal treatment plan is ultimately based on age, FSH level, AMH level and AFC and should be discussed with a doctor to determine which option will give you the results you desire.

Together We'll Find A Way

While we specialize in women's reproduction, gay male couples are always welcome at the WCWRC, where gay couples can pursue egg donation IVF, followed by gestational surrogacy.

We look forward to meeting you, learning about you, and helping you to be healthy and happy. To schedule an appointment you can call the West Coast Women's Reproductive Center at (818) 616-9277 or make an appointment online.

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