Sperm Processing

Sperm Processing

IVF Specialist Tina Koopersmith

Discusses The Sperm Retrieval Process

The Sperm Retrieval Process

Sperm is usually collected by ejaculation. After the egg retrieval, it’s also important to retrieve the sperm that will fertilize the egg that same day.

The most common method of sperm retrieval is ejaculation. The male partner ejaculates in a cup and the embryologist then prepares the sperm for processing. Sometimes couples or individuals opt to instead use donor sperm from a sperm bank or a known donor to fertilize the eggs. When a man has an extremely low sperm count, it may be necessary for a urologist to retrieve the sperm directly from the testicles or epididymis. This is a separate surgical outpatient procedure.

When the sperm is retrieved surgically, or if the sperm is abnormal in count, motility or morphology, then Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is used to improve the odds of fertilization. With conventional or standard IVF, 50,000 sperm are overlaid over the egg and incubated overnight to facilitate fertilization. However, with ICSI, each individual egg is injected with one individual sperm via a needle procedure to create a fertilized egg.

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