Gender Selection

Gender Selection

Gender Selection Specialist Tina Koopersmith

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Some couples come to our office for family balancing, also known as gender selection, in hopes of being able to choose the sex of their next child. In today’s society, many families are small, and some couples would like to experience raising both a boy and a girl. Conversely, a family may have been blessed with multiple children of the same sex, and the parents would like to experience raising a child of the other gender as well.

Can I Select the Sex Of Child?

Gender Selection Process

Often, couples who want help specifically trying to conceive a girl or a boy ask our doctors about spinning sperm to aid this process. Unfortunately, clinics attempted this process for years and were unsuccessful in ensuring the desired sex. Now with IVF treatment and genetic testing, embryos can be created, chromosomes can be counted, and the sex can be determined before an embryo is transferred to the woman’s uterus. Although this process doesn’t guarantee pregnancy, couples who are only visiting our office for gender selection often do not have associated infertility, and therefore ultimately have a high chance of success with IVF, depending on maternal age.

Together We'll Find A Way

Our experienced fertility specialists can assist you in selecting the sex of your future child and guide you through IVF and the geneder selection process. We can also answer any questions you may have on this procedure.

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