Egg Donor Process

Egg Donor

Egg Donor Specialist Tina Koopersmith

Discusses The Egg Donor Process

In certain cases, an egg donor may be required so that a woman can successfully conceive. Egg Donor IVF requires three people: the egg donor, the intended mother, and the intended father. Unlike collecting donated sperm, it’s a more complex process to collect donated eggs.

Egg Donation Process

Before the egg donation, the donor undergoes ovarian stimulation with fertility drugs so that multiple eggs are grown in her ovaries. While the egg donor is taking fertility medications, the recipient takes estrogen. After the egg retrieval (oocyte retrieval) from the donor, the eggs are fertilized with the intended father’s sperm. The recipient adds progesterone to her estrogen regimen, and the embryo, which has now grown to the “blastocyst” stage, is placed in the recipient’s uterus five days after fertilization. Any extra embryos can be frozen as insurance.

With improvements in egg freezing, egg banks are now starting to store frozen eggs, so this is another option for finding an egg donor. Donated eggs are purchased from the bank, the recipient’s uterus is prepared for transfer, and on a set date, the eggs are thawed and fertilized. Five days later, a viable embryo (or embryos) is (are) transferred. If a couple opts to have the embryos genetically tested with Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) before transfer, the embryos will be genetically screened and then refrozen for transfer later.

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Our experienced fertility specialists will evaluate your specific situation and individual fertility, and guide you through the egg donation process, if it is determined that using an egg donor will give you the best chance of success at conceiving a child. We can help you with any questions you have from how the egg donation procedure works to egg donation compensation to suggestions for egg donation agencies.

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