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At West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center, we feel that no one describes our practice better than our patients.

"Thoughtful, Helpful and Respectful"

"After moving to LA from New Jersey, I was recommended here by my local primary care physician and am so glad to have found her! Dr. Koopersmith is thoughtful, helpful and respectful. She is very interested in the overall health and well being of her patients beyond their gynecological needs. She truly addresses all women’s health issues/needs. The office was also able to get me in for a next day appt when I called in with an issue which was pleasantly surprising as usually it’s a long wait for a gyno appt. I am very happy with the level of care at this Obgyn office (although I’ve only experienced the gyn portion as my kids were already born before coming here.). I recommend it wholeheartedly."
– Emily R – Yelp

"Helped My Family Grow"

"Dr. Koopersmith and her team are amazing!! We had the best experience with conceiving both of our children. She made things very easy to understand and was very kind. I really appreciate how thorough Dr. Koopersmith was with us. She was able to diagnose things no other doctors could. She also spent a lot of time with us during each appointment. The staff in the office is also friendly and warm. I was so sad, but also happy of course, when I graduated from the office! Thank you for being so incredible and for helping my family grow!"
– Elizabeth A. – Yelp

"Thorough and Compassionate"

"Dr. Koopersmith is thorough and compassionate. I know her expertise is in fertility, but she is also very knowledgeable and helpful for women like myself who are past childbearing. She took the time to listen to my concerns and suggest a new approach to my hormonal imbalances. I like that she also looks at the whole woman, including diet, exercise, family, etc."
– Janet F. – Yelp

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

"I just love Dr. Koopersmith. My only complaint is that she couldn’t see me through my whole pregnancy. She is very intelligent and extremely knowledgeable about fertility. I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor. Her team is also wonderful. I had the most contact with Natasha and Martha. They are both so helpful. Natasha is extremely reassuring and clear which is imperative when you are going through any fertility issues. The office is busy but I never have had to wait long. Thank you Dr. Koopersmith and team! I appreciate all that you do. My baby girl has brought so much joy to my life. She’s perfect!" – Nicole M. – Yelp

"Dr. Koopersmith Made My Dreams Come True"

"I highly recommend Dr. Koopersmith and the team at Valley Center for Reproductive Health. Dr. Koopersmith is very thorough and took the time to explain everything in detail and clearly outline all options so that I could make a well informed decision as to how I wanted to proceed on my journey towards motherhood. She even considered the financial implications for me which was very thoughtful. During my initial fertility consultation Dr. Koopersmith also included a cancer consultation based on my family history. It was at that moment that I decided to move forward with her as my doctor for it was clear that she had my overall health and wellness in mind. My time with Dr. Koopersmith was a brief and positive experience. Within a short time I was pregnant and I can’t thank her enough for helping to make my dream come true." – Thordis H. – Yelp

"Dr. Koopersmith Personal Skill is Direct and Compassionate"

I was referred to Dr. K by my primary care physician at a time in my journey when there were both physical and personal issues going on. She not only took the time to discuss my health issues, but also my life issues. Her professional skill as an OB/GYN is unequaled, and her personal skill is both direct and compassionate. In other words, she actually listens to what you say to her, whether it concerns your body or your feelings. As a woman in my early 50s, I can honestly say that she is the best OB/GYN I have ever had."
– Dawn K. – Google Plus

"Addressed All My Questions"

"I have been with Dr. Koopersmith for years. When I found her, I had been having abdomen pain, with numerous monthly cycle complications. Dr. Koop found the problem and corrected it immediately. She takes great care of my health and addresses all my questions and takes time to get to know you and your needs. I can highly recommend Dr. Koop. She is amazing. I give her 5 stars :)"
– Cindy D. – Google Plus

"Super Warm & Comprehensive"

"I love coming to Dr. Koopersmith’s office. The whole staff is very friendly especially Martha and Maria, and I am always seen within 5 minutes of my appointment time. Dr. Koopersmith is super warm and always does a comprehensive work up on EVERY call. She is very knowledgeable about new things in gynecology and in women’s cancer. She is passionate about preventing cancer and is up on all the literature. It is obvious that she truly cares about her patients. She has also made GREAT recommendations about seeing other physicians (pulmonary, gastrointestinal etc). Also, if I forget to ask Dr. Koopersmith a question, I will call the office and she calls me back. When I have problems over the weekend, I have called Dr. Koopersmith and she has called back on more than one occasion. If I am out of town or it is the weekend, and it is warranted, Dr. Koopersmith will call in a prescription. I never feel like I am bothering the office and they are always happy to help. I am so thankful that I found Dr. Koopersmith!!"
– Stacy R. – Google Plus

"Best Fertility Doctor on the Planet"

"Dr. Koopersmith is the best fertility doc on the planet. I felt that way even before she helped me get my two miracles! You see I am about as fertile as death valley! She and God somehow got me pregnant! She went above and beyond as things went wrong. At some of the hardest times in my life Dr. Koopersmith was in the trenches with me. She is good. I went to many Fertility specialists before I was referred to her and I honestly feel that I knew more then most of them! She will tell you the truth and be honest with you. I love the frankness. You want someone that will really tell you the things about your fertility that are good and bad. Don’t be put off because she is direct. She knows her stuff! She does things the right way. She works with the best labs. You have to do it all right so you have no regrets. How can I say enough for the woman who brought me the greatest joys of my life. Even if it hadn’t worked out for me though— she is the best at this! She is accessible. Her office is busy because she is so good. You don’t want to go to the office that is always empty. There is a reason she is busy. I can’t say an 1/8 of what I feel! You would be foolish to trust your future babies with anyone else! I wasted years with the wrong fertility specialists. Precious years! How many cycles! Arg! Don’t do as I did. Go to the best first.” – Angie N. – Google Plus

"Forever Grateful"

"Her staff when above and beyond to help me get pregnant and was always there to answer my questions. Most importantly she was able to help me convince my beautiful daughter through IUI who is now 5 years old. I will be forever grateful to Dr Koopersmith and her amazing staff!"
– Leanne S. – Google Plus

"Such A Positive Experience"

"We have been visiting Dr. Tina Koopersmith for the past 2 years. She is not your regular doctor that asks a ton of meaningless questions and gives you useless advice that Google can tell you. She does not beat around the bush either. She is straight to the point, comfortable or not rather than try and sugarcoat things. Of course, when we had a miscarriage, she did take the effort and time to talk to us and put a positive spin on things. I am not sure what is the deal with the other reviewer, but our experience with their front office staff has been very good and efficient, like the doctor. Martha is detail-oriented, and has a personal touch with almost all patients. When I called her after 9 months to tell her about our baby, she remembered us by name and was genuinely happy for us. The new billing lady, however, is a bit off the mark. Luckily, we did not have to deal with her much; Susana was extremely efficient at it. As for wait-time, most of our appointments were early in the morning, and on ~80% of them, the doctor was on time. The nurses over there were very good too. They know when to give you an encouraging nudge and when to stay out of your way. That is a huge plus given the varying degree of emotions of patients who see the doctor."
– Vikram Raj – Google Plus

"Wonderful, Intelligent and Knowledgeable Doctor"

"Dr Koopersmith is a wonderful intelligent knowledgeable doctor. She spends the time and answers all my questions. She is always available for emergency problems. I feel safe and comfortable in her care."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith assisted my husband and I in becoming pregnant twice! After I became pregnant the first time & went off to find an OB for the duration of the pregnancy which ended in a term fetal demise. My OB was completely inaccessible, but instead we were able to meet with Dr. Koopersmith again shortly after. She showed us so much compassion for our loss; offered suggestions for healing mentally, ran further testing on me to try to discover the cause of the loss, then with those results offered ways to possibly help improve the chances of not having it happen again in the future. Also referring me to a perinatologist early in my subsequent pregnancy. Our second pregnancy ended in great success 2 months ago and we are beyond grateful for Dr. Koopersmith’s insight, talent and accessibility! Words could never, ever fully express our utter gratitude for our healthy, beautiful baby boy! Thank you SO much Dr. Koopersmith!!!"
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith has been my Dr. since I was 17, I am now 31. This woman is a phenomenal Dr. I was scheduled to have surgery to remove a cyst that did not need to be removed at all and Dr. Koopersmith (being my second opinion) caught it! Sure enough after taking her advice to just wait until I get my period, it was gone. Yes, she can appear to be rushed, but she has ALWAYS taken my questions and been very kind and ALWAYS respectful. My own mother was initially put off by her personality but as soon as she had a scare, she left her Dr. and came back to Dr. Koopersmith because she truly is the best. If you need the best possible Dr. in this field, then it’s her. She won’t cuddle you in her arms. But she is the best, just be thankful this woman decided to become a Dr. because she is honestly the best there is. Not to mention she gives out her cell phone on her office voice mail. This woman is a 24/7 brilliant Dr."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is a smart, knowledgeable, well educated, compassionate doctor. I’d been to her office once before but had only seen the nurse practitioner. I came in on an acute basis to see Dr. Koopersmith, in great pain. She diagnosed an ovarian mass and told me I needed immediate surgery. Her concern for me was obvious. She connected me with an excellent surgeon, who then put me in touch with a wonderful oncologist when the mass turned out to be cancerous. I couldn’t be happier with my medical team – it’s superior all down the line. Dr. K is straightforward and to the point. I recommend her without reservation, and encourage you to decide for yourself."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"I went to Dr Koopersmith 4 years ago. I got pregnant quickly and had a healthy baby boy. I am now back for round 2. Dr Koopersmith is amazing. I have sent friends to her and they all have the same opinion. She has vast knowledge and she cares."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"I have been going to Dr. Koopersmith for infertility issues for about 6 months now. On my initial visit, I found her to be informative, yet somewhat abrupt. No biggie – her staff was incredibly warm and helpful. On each subsequent visit, she has gotten warmer and more friendly as we have gotten to know each other better. I can’t imagine having a Dr. who knows more about infertility issues that Dr. Koopersmith. She’s fantastic! And if you can get past the initial distance, there’s no one better. I recommend her very highly. I have never had an problem getting an appt. whenever I needed and found the office to be kept very well."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is very competent and knowledgeable. She answered all of my questions and made me feel quite comfortable. The office staff is also very friendly."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is one of the best doctors I’ve been to. She is very knowledgeable and extremely good at her job. As with any good doctor, she is very busy and so can be fast when working with patients, but in no way is rude. She cares very much about her patients and is always willing to answer my many questions and communicates clearly to make sure I understand the details of the situation. She removed an ovarian cyst for me and was very comforting in the surgery room and in recovery. If there was ever a doctor I would want helping me it would be her, she does everything she can to make sure her patients get the best care possible."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is one of the best infertility specialists in the country. I have found that the best doctors are usually quirky, and she is a bit. But she CARES about each and every patient, her staff rocks and her office is NOT dirty in anyway. She is more informal than a lot of people are used to in doctors, but this lends to her making you feel like you are a person who matters not just a chart. She listens and answers questions. She is frank and gives solutions and options. And unlike any other doctor I have been to, she is always available for her patients. Whether it’s a Sunday or a Tuesday night…she’s there for you. I highly recommend her."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"We had an initial consultation and could tell that Dr. Koopersmith knows her stuff. Her staff is all very nice (which I think is very important – there’s nothing more frustrating than dealing with disgruntled staff when you’re seeking healthcare). I could tell she’s very “business”… in other words, no warm fuzzies, but she’s definitely dedicated to getting to the bottom of things and recommending a clear plan of action. After meeting with two other fertility doctors, we have decided to go with Dr. Koopersmith, even though we don’t have insurance coverage for the treatments."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"I just had my first consultation with Dr. Koopersmith. She was wonderful. She went over my records page by page as I sat in her office. She asked all pertinent questions, and even told me that a diagnosis I had 3 years ago for HPV was incorrect. She stated that I never had the virus. AMAZING. During that same visit she did an ultra-sound of my ovaries and complete bloodwork, as well as draw up a plan for me to get pregnant. I am overweight, but she did not make me feel bad about it, just helped me to work on it. For an initial consultation, I was more than satisfied at the amount of time and attention paid to me. It was much more than I expected."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is – by far – the best doctor I have ever been to. She is incredibly knowledgeable and thorough, and she has honest concern for her patients. She remembers my medical history when I come in, and she even remembers the medical history of my family members if it was pertinent to my treatment. She has repeatedly called me on weekends and said “I was just thinking about your situation…” or “I was just going over your file…”. I’ve never known a doctor to concern themselves with their patients on the WEEKEND unless it was an emergency. She is wonderful. Her office is great. They are always prompt and helpful. She recognizes people’s financial concerns. I couldn’t recommend her more."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is very knowledgeable and helpful. She was able to provide affordable fertility treatment and her staff were top notch! Her office staff were very informative and didn’t mind all of my questions. After two months of active treatment, I became pregnant with twins! She continued to follow me for the first trimester to ensure that everything went okay. I only have the highest praise for Dr. Koopersmith and her staff."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is very knowledgeable and informative. I have been going to see her for some time regarding infertility, I feel like I’m in good hands and she knows what she’s talking about. The only negative with this doctor is that she is quite tough/rough. I definitely prefer to have injections from the nurse, when the doctor took my blood she left me with quite a bruise. The same goes for the Ultra Sound machine, her staff are a lot more gentle."
– Anonymous – RateMD

"Dr. Koopersmith is wonderful. We were dealing with infertility, which is a very sensitive subject and her whole team made my husband and myself feel very comfortable. She works around the clock and always puts her patients as top priority. If you ever need to see a fertility specialist, she is the one to see."
– Anonymous – Vitals

"Dr Tina Koopersmith is excellent at what she does. She is responsible, very thorough and trustworthy. A true professional in my book. She is direct and honest which I truly appreciate. It is what it is but she will do everything in her capacity to help treat my fertility issues. I will highly refer her to everyone. Her staff also are great. They are very helpful, efficient and kind."
– Anonymous – Vitals

"Dr. Koopersmith is very professional and straightforward. She appears to be on the cool side but you know she cares. She is meticulous in details that I know is very helpful in diagnosing patients problems. I really appreciate that. I highly recommend her to other patients wanting to conceive and get the best treatment and care."

"Dr. Koopersmith has been my doctor now for 8 years and I am more than pleased with the care I receive. She is beyond knowledgeable and very accommodating."
– Anonymous – Vitals

"I had surgery to remove an ovarian cyst at the age of 36 on my long road to trying to have a baby. I am now going through fertility treatments at age 40 after having her counsel me on my age. During the surgery she did everything she could to make sure my tubes were clear, saving me extra tests now that I’m about to do insemination. While she can sometimes seems busy and even a little abrupt in her conversational tone, she has taken calls from me at home when I’ve had bladder infections. I trust my life with her and she is the most rational and thorough doctor I’ve ever had. And she’s made me laugh a few times too, which I always appreciate when I’m nervous about an appointment. LOVE her and wish I could have moved her cross country with me."
– Anonymous – Vitals

"Dr. Koopersmith is an excellent doctor and a smart, straight-talking woman. I received an appointment in her office on an emergency basis due to abdominal pain. I’d seen the nurse practitioner at the office before but had never met the doctor. Through pelvic exam and ultrasound, Dr. K. immediately diagnosed a pelvic mass, told me it might be cancerous, and that it had to come out immediately. Her personal concern for me, though we’d never met, was clear. She set me up with a fantastic surgeon, and five days later I was in surgery for what turned out to be ovarian cancer. I received a personal card after surgery from her and her office staff telling me I was in their thoughts and prayers during this time of diagnosis and treatment. Dr. Koopersmith came through with flying colors. Can’t recommend her more highly."
– Anonymous – Vitals

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